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“The details are not the details.  They make the design”

Charles Eames


New Arrivals

UnaPlus A classic, revised in shape but not in content: the essence is a designer seat with only what is needed for the utmost performance, with a touch extra: the Cadsana style.

Modern frames and features paired with a classic style.  This original product is far from traditional constructive standards. Visually new, it is supported by precise technological choices and a high sense of effective quality.

Una Plus is a collection of seats built around an innovative one-piece frame that ensures maximum flexibility under any condition of use. The stretch fabric covering both the seat and the backrest is tucked over an extremely rigid perimeter frame that redefines the concept of seat. 

About Eurotrend

Eurotrend was born out of the Italian furniture market in 2003, bringing to North America the design aesthetics of European furniture world, with the accessibility of local sourcing and extensive customization options for the A&D community. Realizing the need for high design/competitive pricing in the contract and hospitality market, Eurotrend seeks to fulfill this gap within the market by bringing together internationally known designers such as Francesc Rife’, Carlos Tiscar, Tarcisio Colzani, Vicente Soto, Gabriel Teixido, and Claesson Koivisto Rune, as well as manufacturers from Europe such as Capdell, Porada, Papadatos, and Missana. Eurotrend is also the sales representative for Cadsana in the States of New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.

By providing designers, architects, and recognized dealers across the country with the ability to customize all these products; which meet the necessary quality requirements for contract applications; Eurotrend offers a vast selection of options that cover multi-environment projects. From side chairs and sofas, to outdoor collections, as well as restaurant and bar seating and tables, Eurotrend can be your turnkey solution to a vast array of contract and hospitality needs. And because of our commitment to high design and competitive pricing, Eurotrend is a source for residential projects as well, with the same degree of care and detail afforded to our bigger clients, along with exceptional pricing and custom options.


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